LYT House


The creative path is a long journey when you're alone. Opportunities to understand ourselves and our tribe garner productive innovation.


For this reason, AutuMedia designed

The LYT House..

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LYT Kohort


Candidates are selected from an audition pool to join the LYT House.


This LYT Kohort will enjoy a life-changing weekend with the LYT Krew, a group of thought-leaders facilitating the LYT House experience. 

LYT Vision


The LYT Vision Fund provides tools and resources to support the LYT Legacy Learning Path curriculum.


The LYT Legacy Learning Path Curriculum focuses on self-expression, overall wellness, and digital marketing. 

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Join The LYT Tribe
Creator Type (Select All That Apply):

"Everything was done very well and communicated to us in a timely manner.


I also liked how easily accessible the team was when needed and the timeliness with which the pictures from the photoshoot were shared with us."

— 2019 GLOwUP eXPerience

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"Great way to be on the same page so we can collectively put on a show for the audience.

Whether I win or not this showed me what to look for when looking for assistance in branding."

— 2019 GLOwUP eXPerience

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"Great great experience and makes an artist feel confident in their field. I loved it!"

— 2019 GLOwUP eXPerience

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"It's nice to be able to meet the people who will also be a part of the event before the night of it.


I also enjoyed how the activities helped me learn more about everyone."

— 2019 GLOwUP eXPerience

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"...No one succeeds alone. As a person who is avidly working to advance, I sometimes feel as if I have to be good at everything.


This experience has allowed me to look for expertise and want to find a team who is passionate as you guys."

— 2019 GLOwUP eXPerience