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Destiny Karizma

Destiny Karizma, The Lyrical Unicorn, is a 24-year old writer from Staten Island, NY, and the founder of an Open Mic event called Flowtotype. She works at a non-profit, The Neighborhood Center, in Camden, NJ, and absolutely adores working with children. 


Destiny started writing as a way to deal with her life and all its heartaches. “I had no idea that it would actually cause me to start living. I recently started a Youtube channel in order to share my work on a larger scale.” You can search her at Destiny Karizma Poetry.


Destiny performed at both Rowan University as well as Rutgers University. Although she began performing almost a year ago, she has learned so much about herself as well as her craft.  “I was blessed with my first opportunity to perform with the live band, Music Therapy.” She continues to thank God regularly for her performing opportunities. 


In May 2020, Destiny was featured on a podcast titled Fire Rap Sessions and was honored to be a guest for their season one finale. She spends most of her free time creating new pieces with the hopes that they will inspire her listeners. “If the words I write help or inspire just one person then I feel I've done my job. I am surrounded by people who love and support me and couldn't ask for a better team.” 


Congratulations, Destiny! Keep GLOwing!