AutuMedia, LLC provides digital media services to our solid network of creative entrepreneurs, AYE Team. AYE is an acronym for Ambitious Young Entrepreneurs. Our founders are two queer women of color that actively strive to build safe spaces for creatives to positively express themselves.

 The GLOwUP eXPerience is designed to support the AYE Team members with their branding, marketing, and strategy needs. We utilize our GLOwUP eXPerience platform to showcase their gifts and talents by hosting various events.

Upcoming eXPeriences


Streaming Happiness In Negative Environments, SHINE! , provides a platform for nominated artists to showcase their creativity.

PAST eXPeriences

15 Shades of Red (2018)

The first ARTumedia collection, 15 Shades of Red, was released during AutuMedia’s business launch on Sunday, November 11, 2018.

Pressure Week (2019)

PRESSure is a week orientation process for AYE Team Members. During PRESSure, select AYE Team are interviewed by radio and talk show personalities, taught the history, mission, and founding principles of AutuMedia as well as getting introduced to AutuMedia's AYECorn Membership.

GLOwUP Week (2019)

GLOwUP is a week acclimation process for AYE Team Members. Following PRESSure week, the AYECorns participate in team building exercises and challenges to reinforce the ideals and purpose of the GLOwUP eXPerience.

GLO UP Slam Poetry (2019)

GLO UP is an acronym for Growth 🌱🌳 Liberation🗽🔐 Ownership ✊🏽🚪 (WHILE) Under Pressure🏋🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♂️. The GLO UP Poetry Slam is one of the various GLOwUP eXPerience events.

GLOwUP Jackson (2019)

GLO UP Jackson was intended to be an AutuMedia Open Mic event, but God had His own plan. In seven days, Konstructed by Kris transformed the Blue Room in Jackson, MS into the Royal Lounge.

IGLOW (2019)

On September 21, 2019 AutuMedia hosted an IGLOW event to celebrate the release of AutuMedia's Glow Getter Collection. Lukey Loose Leaf also performed her song "IGLOW".

GLOwUP Week (2020)

Loose Leaf Lukey posted daily videos during the GLOwUP Week to encourage creative entrepreneurs as they face pressures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

GLO UP Slam (2020)

Loose Leaf Lukey and Shani T.V. collaborated to create an Instagram Live eXPerience to celebrate the one year anniversary of GLO UP Slam.

AYE Spotlight_IG Feed Promo

GLOw Vote

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