The journey of misery to victory over my battles.

by Lukey Loose Leaf


I was looking for someone to save me and show me the light.

But shade is what they gave me and it's iight.

I shoulda did it all differently

But I was a human being - being human mentally.

Relying on the physical instead of the spiritual.

I seeked words of affirmation from those without power of salvation

Or a solid foundation for me to cope.


I fell down mountains of high hopes to the valleys of misery.

The journey of mystery to victory over my battles 

To cut the heads off the rattlesnakes - the fakes

With my Achilles heel to heal the vulnerabilities 

And deal with insecurities.

He paid my fees for me to be free 

from the baggage, I carry to 

carry on life with prosperity and generosity.


I shoulda fought the curiosity

I coulda listened to my family

I woulda been further on my journey

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda, but I aint!

He gives a second wind to the faint

I don’t know the meaning of can’t

Cuz I can do all things


Through Christ I fly high in the sky like Eagle wings

In a world full of chickens 

Getting grilled by Hell’s Kitchen

I walk by faith, not by sight

At times it gets dark at night

So I fight with temptation the can lead to my demise

It comes by no surprise 

If you wake up and realize

The grass ain’t greener on the other side.