invitation to follow

#greatconnection (Acrostic Poem)

by Lukey Loose Leaf

Invitation to Follow.jpg

I was four years old when they told me that I had a calling in my life.

No one explained what a “calling” was, but I knew it from God.

Vivid memories of Spirit speaking to me at five and six years old often cross my mind.

I didn’t understand who Spirit was then, but I knew Spirit was always with me.

Then as I got older, I heard loud unclear voices.

As if they were speaking another language.

That's when I started to believe something could be wrong with me.

I desired to be normal and have an ordinary life like the sleepwalkers.

Oddly enough, Spirit designed me to be different.

Normal was not the plan intended for my life.


The burdens I carried, Spirit transformed it into a mission.

Offering me a chance to challenge pious social divides.


Faith and obedience were the only things required of me to fulfill the purpose of my life.

Opportunities to walk in the promised plan that Spirit handcrafted especially for me.

Lord, You expanded your kingdom by restoring the impurities of Your people.

Leading them on a path of healing forgiveness.

Outsiders changing the meaning of outside.

We built our foundation on a relationship with Spirit and religion died.