Growth, Liberation, Ownership while Under Pressure (Acrostic Poem)

by Lukey Loose Leaf

Journey (GLO_UP).jpg

Guide me through the wilderness of deceit, Jesus.

Remember me? I know it’s been a while.

Oh God, I need direction because I’ve strayed so far that I don’t know where I am.

Wisdom and Insight have abandoned me.

There’s nowhere else to turn, Lord.

Hear my heart’s cry.


Lead me, Guide Me back to You.

It’s dark here.

By Your spirit, Lord, I will find my way.

Each step closer to you I feel the chains falling.

Reach down from heaven and remove these burdens.

Almighty Godsend your Spirit.

Thummim and Urim in my ephod, can I be free? GLOwUP so that I can remove these

Irritating chains LinkedIn together by my past hurt and disgrace.

Or will you do nothing? Expectant that I will step out on my faith in the One who has called me.

No longer allowing strongholds to hold me back and


Overcoming the obstacles in my path.

Waiting on You to give me the 

Next steps to the promised land.

Evaluate my heart and grade me accordingly.

Renew my spirit and make me clean.

Sovereign God, show me how to do it YAHWEH.

Help me be patient with You on this journey.

Instigate dialogues between You and I to

Prepare a good soil that takes root in You Heavenly Father.


Unlock doors that will lead me directly to You

Nowhere to Now Here is where I want to be 

Demolish walls that were built from my pain and transgression to

Erect fortifications of forgiveness and love that will withstand enemy attacks.

Rising above my struggles; climbing and fighting my way through oppression.


Push me past the limitations that I’ve created for myself and I will

Recognize the strength and power that You provide me through

Each struggle You create a foundation that takes me to the next level. 

Stumbling blocks transformed into building blocks.  

Self-sabotage transformed to self-love and feelings of being

Underappreciated evolves into being understood, I hear Him telling me

Reach beyond the stars to establish a legacy that’s bigger than you.

Everybody dreams, but I challenge you to wake up from yours and live it.