ode to kris

(Acrostic Poem)

by Lukey Loose Leaf

Ode to Kris.jpg

They see black and white, but you see my true colors.

RGB that's no longer me - I am CYMK today and forevermore.

Unique neon yellow bone saturated in toasted caramel HEX code.

Erotic rainbow melanin grin full of skittles taste love within.


Capture me in your PRIDE to shower me with your indigo kisses on top of the (255, 0, 0) pedaled sheets.

Orange Channel playing as we're making our own heat, so I'll be frank to your ocean.

Lilac and Lavender scent skin, you bring the colors to my being.

Overwhelmingly beautiful Amethyst, I want to be your Citrine.

Reveal our Bismuth love fairy tale when I gracefully

Slide this Blue Topaz on your finger.