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As a teenager, I would make home videos for holidays and birthdays using Window Movie Maker. After years of showing off my skills, a family member hired me to make invitations for my cousin's sixteenth birthday. Instead of creating a flyer on Greetings Workshop, I decided to create a video invitation with special effects and music. I even designed and printed CD labels and CD covers to package everything into a product. When I presented the product to my first client, I received great feedback and as a result I began my freelancing career in content creation.

As a senior in high school, I wasn’t truly interested in going to college. However, my mom is an educator, so attending college was the only acceptable option. Once college became a requirement, I figured I could be an Art major because I had spent a large majority of my high school career in the performing arts. However, my parents believed the better option would be a STEM major.

While my knowledge of computers was on par with most millennials, the only time I touched a computer was to edit videos, record my original songs, or play video games. This apparently was enough for my mom and a recruiter to decide that my major would be computer science to qualify for a STEM scholarship.  


After my high school graduation, I was immediately shipped off to Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) to attend the North Carolina Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (NCLSAMP) program. Thanks to my good grades and awesome computer skills, I actually earned a full scholarship through the ECSU Center of Excellence for Remote Sensing Education and Research (CERSER) program. 

Needless to say, when I first walked onto the ECSU campus, I lacked distinct goals and motivation. My path had been chosen for me. However, my mindset was transformed after my experiences as an undergraduate researcher in the CERSER program.  I was exposed to tools, resources, conferences, distinguished lectures, and a variety of research projects, which sparked my fascination with the STEM field.


While my undergraduate research experience was phenomenal, I decided to apply for a corporate job instead of continuing my education. This decision would alter my life’s trajectory. Two months after I graduated, I started working as an IT Support Specialist at a startup company in Huntersville, North Carolina. I was the first and only hire within the IT department for several months.


I was tasked with supporting over 150 employees both local and remote. Less than two years later, the IT department grew into a team of four including myself. Around the same time, they offered me a Supervisor position and brought me on to the company's leadership team. The leadership meetings I attended were informative and inspirational. It helped me understand work force dynamic issues within upstarts and startups. My favorite seminars were the Diversity & Inclusion series, which evoked a lot of self-reflection. 

Despite being successful in the IT field, my passion for art did not diminish. I felt the need to express my passion outside of a 25 square foot cubicle, so I chose to take up photography and videography. I volunteered on the production team of my local church, Elevation Church, and was hired to capture moments at special events.


My time at Elevation Church not only brought my camera and video editing skills to the next level, it also inspired me to further develop my business. These decisions helped me to determine that a career in Information Technology was not what I desired to invest my life’s work in. I wanted to be more prosperous, independent, and involved in my community. 

In August 2018, I resigned from my full-time job and decided to become a full-time creative entrepreneur. Then in November 2018 I hosted a business launch for AutuMedia and dedicated it to God. In February 2019, AutuMedia, LLC was established. I began to execute the strategies that I believed would establish a great system. Little did I know that the following year we would experience a global pandemic.


Disney said it, but COVID taught us that “It’s a small world after all”. Through our virtual experiences we were able to connect and collaborate with people from all over the world from Atlanta to Nigeria, New York to the Carolinas, New Jersey to Vegas, and even Japan.

Our mission is to encourage growth, liberation, and ownership while overcoming life's adversity and oppression. My experiences with performing arts and STEM research have sparked a passion to combine both genres into a meaningful STEAM career. We create inspirational media and curate motivational events for young artists to feel empowered when they are experiencing discouragement. 

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