distorted mirrors

Zachariah and Mary Mirror (Acrostic Poem)

by Lukey Loose Leaf

Distorted Mirror.jpg

Zero-Six; Five-Five; Eleven-Eleven; Nineteen Ninety-Two.
Amazing Grace, how sweet is the sound of a newborn baby that
Combats the nuchal cords around them like two chains?
Hallelujah, no trisomy! Grace flows through the blood in my veins.
Repetition leads us to greater greatness.
Ignorance is not bliss - It's a missed opportunity.
Ambition is a habit rather than a learned behavior.
Hold a mirror up to see what you're reflecting.

Acknowledge the growth that needs to spark from within.
Not at a surface level. Let’s go deep.
Deeper than the soil beyond our roots.

Maybe we can cultivate together.
Acquire enough ownership to liberate ourselves and
Recognize the power pack potential in us.
Year after year.

Month after month.
Imagine what we could accomplish if we get out of our own way.
Rise up a thousand times - times a thousand.
Remember the times we used our imaginations?
Or have we been in the fun house too long
Reflecting on distorted mirrors?