autumn nights

Your beauty surpasses the finest supermodel...

by Lukey Loose Leaf

Autumn Nights.jpg

Your beauty surpasses the finest supermodel.

Saturated in colors that I artificially mimic, you don’t need a filter.

So, I wonder what you think of me?

If you had a voice, what would you tell me?

I can only imagine the conversations that we would have.

Your lifespan goes beyond measure.


You truly have the keys that would unlock the internal gates of growth, liberation, and ownership.

You could demonstrate how natural disasters are meant to mold us into the creation that we’re designed to be.

You could demonstrate how applying pressure can help me transform into something greater.

You could teach me things that I already know to be true, but too afraid to acknowledge.


No longer will I be bound to my insecurities.

No longer will I be shackled to my strongholds.

No longer will I be chained to my reactions.


Use your keys to break generational curses.

Use your keys to free slaves from internal prisons.

Use your keys to expose what is truly underneath the rubble of regret.

Then use the wreckage of anguish to construct righteous paths.


I will find my way through the highway of life’s lessons.

I won’t hide behind filters any longer.

I will learn to be the best version of myself.

I won’t obsess over the fear of judgment.

I will focus on producing fruit.

I won’t depend on brittle branches.


Remind me to push through the barriers of brokenness.

Reveal the chains that I hold on to.

Replace the cultural lies with your kingdom's promises.

Release me into the wild, so I can be an example of your love.