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15 Shades of Red Leaves in Autumn

According to color theory, red is a very emotionally intense color. Red is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, and determination. It is also associated with passion, desire, and love. 

15 Shades of Red Leaves in Autumn is a mixed media art experience that conveys a journey to self-acceptance and self-love.

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11 Key to restART: The ART of rest.

It is better to mentally restart than to experience burnout when we feel overwhelmed. However, it is natural for most people to hustle harder when life's pressure weighs heavy on us. As if being anxious or stressed could produce positive results for our situation.


The 11 Keys to restART is a productivity tactic I created to be more efficient & effective with the limited amount of time that we have. Prayerfully it is beneficial to you as much as it is for me.

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​GLOwUP is an acronym for Growth, Liberation, Ownership while Under Pressure. Through our GLOwUP eXPeriences, we support creators by providing space to network and collaborate.


Since 2019 we successfully connected and collaborated with people from all over the world: from Atlanta to Nigeria, New York to the Carolinas, New Jersey to Vegas, and even Japan. 

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