AutuMedia, LLC provides digital media services to our solid network of creative entrepreneurs, AYE Team. AYE is an acronym for Ambitious Young Entrepreneurs.  


The netWORK eXPerience is designed to support the AYE Team members and associates with their branding, marketing, and strategy needs. We utilize our netWORK eXPerience to provide quality digital media services at an affordable rates. 


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GlowUp is an acronym for GROWTH, LIBERATION, OWNERSHIP while under pressure.


we utilize our platform to showcase creative artists and develop spaces for Creative Expression.

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AYE Spotlight

Pointe Flex Dance Studio, located at 1018 East Chelten Avenue, offers a variety of dance classes to both children and adults.

Yvette Solomon, director of Pointe Flex Dance Studio, founded the dance school in September of 1995.


The studio’s non-profit traveling dance troupe, “On Pointe", performed at the first glowup poetry event in may 2019.

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AYE Team

AYE Team is our network of creative entrepreneurs. "AYE" is an acronym for Ambitious Young Entrepreneurs.

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